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Two architects. Two unique sets of gifts and talents.  One awesome partnership

Mike Peachey was a principal with APS Architects a local firm for 16 years and is where he met Wayne Stuart.  Wayne needed a change after 11 years in his own firm doing mostly homes and was hired by APS.  He worked for them for 3-1/2 years and became the firms Production Manager and the Project Manager that Mike relied on for his projects.  Wayne left APS in 2001 for what he thought was a better opportunity that ended up not being the case.  Mike became increasingly overwhelmed since he had lost his right hand man and his partners were not stepping up to help fill the hole that Wayne had left.  This went on for a year until he finally gave up on the partnership and called Wayne to see if he wanted to team up again.  Wayne was excited to get out of the firm he was with and agreed to team up again with Mike.  MWA was started Sept 1, 2002 and within a few months they had hired 3 employees.  The first office was in a little house on Marsh St. (497 Marsh), which has since been moved closer to the street and remodeled.

Because of the different gifts that Mike and Wayne have, Mike is the primary designer since he is a gifted designer.  Wayne is gifted in organization and loves the technical side of the business so he handles production.

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